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We started the "Green Tour of Jerusalem” in order to allow Jerusalem’s many visitors to tour and experience the city in a new and special way. To that end, we developed a variety of routes especially suited for riding a Segway, and set off…

We offer 4 beautiful Segway tours that run on a daily basis as well as 2 special tours. The Night Tour in the area of the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) and the Cross Jerusalem Tour. 




The Segway was invented in the United States of America in 2001 by Dean Kamen. It is electrically powered and stabilizes itself based on 5 separate gyroscopic sensors. After stepping aboard the Segway, it begins to rapidly read and respond to one’s body motions. When slightly inclining one’s body forward, the Segway advances and when leaning slightly back the Segway will slow down and stop. Many describe the Segway riding experience as gliding. The Segway is simple to operate and does not require prior experience.




Our Segways are the second generation type, known as i2. The major advantage of these new Segways is their leaning technology known as Lean Steer Technology. This technology allows the Segway to turn much like while skiing and helps create another intuitive connection between rider and machine.




We maintain a high standard of safety and individual service. Therefore we make sure that our tours consist of small groups and highly qualified guides. 

Every tour begins with 15 minutes of learning and practicing the manner in which to ride the Segway and correct operation of it throughout the tour. Also, we have personal injury insurance as well as third person liability insurance.




All tours are led by professional, experienced guides who will take you along the magical paths and breathtaking views of Jerusalem. Also, every rider receives a complimentary water bottle.




We invite you to ride with us and watch the sun set over the Armon Hanatziv  Promenade, or rise above Mount Zion and the City of David. If you’re interested in Botany and plant life, "glide” through the picturesque paths of the Botanical Gardens with us. And finally, if you want to see the center of Israel's capital, let us accompany you on a tour of the Rose Garden and the Knesset.




Join us for an unforgettable experience in one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in the world.


Amichai and Natan
The Green Tour


Sewayz The Green Tour Operates Guided Segway Tours in Jerusalem. Join us as we glide with our segways through the anciant paths of Jerusalem. Try out our unique Segway Tour at night. Book your Segway Tour Today!